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Music When You Want It Where You Want It - Getting Into The World Of Live Streamed Performances & On Demand Videos 

What if you could see live music performances wherever you are, whenever you want, or talk to the people whose music you like about their music, or have a way to see a performer who doesn't come to your area?  

I’m developing a series of live streaming performances, in which you can tune in, see me perform live, talk with me about my music, and even ask questions and interact live.  And I’m also working on creating a series of videos in various lengths from 5 minute “mini-concerts” to 45 minute “sets”, that you can access on demand, anytime, any device, anywhere, as well as accessing prior live streaming performances that you missed or would like to hear and see again..How cool is that? 

And you can get these on a donation basis, paying whatever you feel you want to, or nothing at all.  Coming soon.   And to get notification when they first become ready, Subscribe at the bottom of this page and I'll let you know when it all starts. 

See more on my website at /live-streams-on-demand-videos

Hope you like it....Carl