House Concerts - I Can Perform At Your House For You And Your Guests - No Fee!

Back in the "olden days", live music was often performed before small groups of family and friends in someone's house (be it a castle in France or a front porch on the American Prairie).  Well, that's kind  of coming back, with "house concerts".  And, I'm excited about bringing back live performances on a very personal level to enthusiastic small audiences.

What’s a house concert?  Simply put, my hour long concert performed in someone’s house, camp or other location  to guests they  invite, with an opportunity for them to hang out with me before and after, all with no fee to you and a simple request at the end for guests to make a contribution to me in whatever amount they feel is appropriate… Think you might want to have one? Read on…It’s easy.  Right now, with the coronavirus putting gatherings like this on hold, we may have to hold off for awhile, but if you're interested, may as well start thinking about it.  And, I've even got an idea of how to do them in a modified format to prevent contact...I'll mention that at the end.

All you need is a place at your home, camp or other location, inside or out, where 20-30 of your adult guests can sit on chairs, the floor or ground and watch me perform for about an hour.  Private concerts in a home used to be the province of the wealthy but now anyone who wants can have one. 

Here’s what’s involved in a nutshell…You let me know you might like one and I send you some details. Then we work out a date.  You invite about 30 friends or acquaintances who you think might like to come.   I show up a couple of hours ahead of the performance time.  I set up (about an hour) and your guests arrive an hour before show time so that we can get to know each other and talk about whatever they like. I play for about an hour.  You invite them to make a donation to me in whatever amount they think is appropriate.  We mingle some more.  They buy cds and stuff if they like.  We’re done.. The rest: You give me a room to sleep in or put me up somewhere (your choice)…That’s about it. 

In "normal" times, house concerts are usually done in the house, or outside in a fairly "tight" close knit setting..But, in this time of social distancing, I've got an idea of how to do them with a bit of distance between us all.  I can set up in your driveway or outside, and we can all be ten feet from each other....Better than nothing. right?   Intimacy from a disntance!!!

If you think you might be interested in having one and would like to learn more, drop me an email at with “House Concert” in the subject and I’ll send you some additional information. 

Thanks for thinking of it….Carl

A Private Virtual House Concert Just For You and Your Guests?

What if you could have a private house concert live streamed to just you and a group of friends, located anywhere in the world, that you can all watch from wherever you are located, on your own computers, tablets or iPhones, with comments opened to all of you, in a typical Facebook Live type stream, or maybe even in an open Zoom conference style where you can all see each other and share comments during the concert, and where you and all attending can actually talk to each other between songs and during any break!  Pretty cool, huh...

If you were thinking about wanting to host a house concert but are concerned that it might not be Covid-safe, or if you wanted to host one for people for whom it would not be practical to gather physically at your house, here is the opportunity.

You could host this and include friends from your neighborhood, or just some old college or military friends, or a group of friends or colleagues from work, or just family scattered across the country or world...anybody you like, and nobody you don't...

Contact me for details if you're interested.  This can be set up as either something you hire me to do that you provide for your "guests", or as a more traditional house concert format in which guests provide the compensation for me by their contributions....