Carl Rubino is an Americana songwriter whose style blends contemporary folk with the kind of story-based acoustic country that prevailed before country rock." With a "smoky baritone" voice, he makes the characters and stories in his songs come to life in scenes you can visualize - a phrase at a time. "He's got a very nice way of painting pictures of people and events.”

What Others Have Said 

"Carl Rubino captures an earthly innocence in his stories. His observations are sincere and unpretentious, seemingly penned by the man next door. I liked this one..."   Michele Scherneck, Music Reviewer, The Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange" 

A long (long) time ago I was opening a show at South Street Seaport and heard John Prine do a song called "Hello In There".  If you wonder how that felt, listen to Carl Rubino's song "Land Of Opportunity" from his debut album FIRST BITE.  Isn't it cool to be in on the beginning of something great!!"   Christopher Shaw, Singer-Songwriter 

"As an artist representative, a great deal of material from aspiring songwriters finds its way to my office, very little of it stays.  A year later, First Bite is still here - that says it all."  McShane Glover, Noteworthy Productions  

"Thanks for giving me the opportunity to hear FIRST BITE.  I felt like I was listening to some new Bill Morrissey or maybe John Prine.  It's obvious to me it was the right come out with this music."  Dana Robinson, Singer-Songwriter 

(He's) got a very nice way of painting pictures of people.  The best songs on the album are the ones that tell simple stories and take the time to detail the images of the characters in them.  They really come alive."  Eric Garrison, Singer-Songwriter  

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