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Although  I love performing live, and will continue to do that in select listening rooms, house concerts and small festivals, my biggest focus at this point in my songwriting world is aimed at looking to place songs in film and TV,  and self-publishing  aimed at other artists.  So I'm spending most of my  music time on writing and making demos of new work. 

But I will be performing a bit,  so keep your eyse on my Upcoming Shows below, and I'm very interested in doing housse concerts, so feel free to take a looke at my Houd Concerts tab on this site and contact me if that might intererst you. 

As for live-streaming, it will be back in the near future, because I really enjoy it..  And if you've never seen a livestream of a musical performance or show, think about it this way.    Imagine that  if, instead of going to a show and only seeing someone perform, you could actually have some interaction with them and hear about what moves them to create the music they do, what stimulated the ideas for some of the songs they write and a lot more that you just can’t hear about in a show at a venue or festival?    Or what if there was a way to see a  show of a performer who doesn't come to your area?  Well, all of this can happen.... 

During the pandemic lockdown in 2020, I  started broadcasting "Live From A Distance", my regular weekly livestream performances  on my Facebook Page and it continued again in 2021 and into 2022. I record the live broadcasts as I'm doing them and post them on that FB Page right after the steam ends, so if you tune in late, miss a live broadcast, or want to see some of the prior ones, you can find them there any time.  Last year I expanded it to doing two livestream broadcasts per week, one on Facebook on Mondays at 7pm eastern at and the other on Wednesdays from 5-7pm on Twitch at  

My  livestream series broadcasts are informal, raw, non-processed live performances of the songs I write.. You can tune in, see me perform  a few songs  live, talk with me about my music, and even ask questions and interact live, all by posting comments that I'll respond to between songs.   It's like I dropped in at your house with a guitar and we hung out while I played a few songs and we talked about music and got to know each other a bit.  

I've posted the recordings of eight of my livestreams (full shows or "quickies") below on this page,  so check them out if you'd like to see what they are about.

If you would like to be sure to know when I'm broadcasting, you can Like me at and follow me at and you will get a pop up notice that I am about to go live. 

 If you'd like to see the previously recorded shows on Facebook, go to and, on the left column, click on the "Live" tab to see previously aired recorded livestreams and the current livestream when it broadcasts. For a direct link to the livestreams you can use this link  To see the previously recorded shows on Twitch, go to and select "Videos" for the entire show or "Highlights" below that to see short segments which I've made clips of.

In addition to my regular weekly shows (to be resumed again at some point),  sometimes I broadcast additional  spontaneous livestreams to that Facebook Page, which could be anything from a new song I've written, or even one I am in the process of writing, that let's you in on the songwriting process as it's happening,  to random thoughts I feel like expressing on music, or maybe even an occasional cover.  If you Like my FB page, you'll get a quick notice of that upcoming spontaneous stream, or maybe even see it an a FB Story post just before the broadcast.

At some point, I'll  be  creating a series of videos in various lengths from short “mini-concerts” of 45 minute or longer “sets”, that will be either live or pre-recorded, which you  can access on demand, anytime, on any device, anywhere. .How cool is that? 

While I would hope you feel value in these digital deliveries, and that you might consider contributing  something in appreciation in whatever amount you think is fair by an easy direct contribution, you can also feel free to just enjoy them and pay nothing at all. Think of it as if you were stopping to see a street performer busking with an open guitar case or catching a "free" performance in a coffee show with a "tip jar" on the stage.  Maybe you'd toss something into the case or tip jar..  If you'd like to contribute to these performances, you can either do that now by clicking  on the Donate Button below or going  to , or you can go to  during the livestream to throw a few bucks in.

How often have you wanted to go out to see some live music but too many things were in the way - it’s a “work night”; can’t get a sitter; don’t want to take the time to have to drive there; between gas money, tickets and maybe dinner it’s just too much to spend?  And how cool would it be to be able to bring the performance to you, live or on demand, whenever you like, especially if the performer is not likely to play at a venue near you in the near future, if at all.  Now there’s an alternative… The livestreams are here now, and the "concerts on demand" are coming soon.   And to get notification when they first become ready, Subscribe at the bottom of my Home tab /home and I'll let you know when it all starts.

Why am I doing this?  Well, a few reasons.   During the coronavirus outbreak there was little to no opportunity for me to perform or for you to see and hear live music anywhere other than on line.  So it's really the only game in town. But even when venues and festivals got back  up and running, the reality is that not everyone wants to or can run out to a live show, especially during the week, and sometimes ticket prices are prohibitive.  Some people are still not comfortable sitting in an enclosed space, regardless of the "covid status of the moment" and actually prefer to go the show while still at home.  And I'm not exactly touring the entire world, so I may never be playing anywhere near you.   I also know that a lot of people want to  get to know a bit more about songwriters and performers  and their music that you just don’t get by listing to the songs, whether at a show, on-line or on a cd, and many would like to spend a bit of time "hanging out" with the performers they like…And, for me, I don’t really want to spend months in my van driving from one performance to another, eating crummy meals and sleeping who-knows-where…But I love to perform and I really enjoy sharing my music with people who appreciate it.  So this on-line performance ability gives me the opportunity to perform for people all over the country, and even the world, without having to live on the road….And you don’t have to go out on a Tuesday night to drive far away in the freezing rain to see me on tour…Or wait until I come to your area in a year, if ever, to see me perform.  Of course, I'll still be performing at venues and festivals  from time to time (as long as they are open)  and if I'm near you I'd love to see you at a show...But until then, or in between, or whenever you like, bring me to you...

Sign up for my newsletter (on the Home Page) to see when my livestreams will start up again and to get the news about my virtual, as well as live in person,  concerts and videos... Until then, you can click on the recordings of some of those livestreams below, or go to my for many more.

iPhone self-recording of an October 2023 live performance of new contemporary folk/jazz originals.  A new genre for me. Many of the songs were just written, and the last was still being revised. So I did not know or play them well.  Just me and an acoustic guitar - no mic or sound system - real intimate.  A nice look at one of the definite new directions in which my songwriting is going.  More information in the description of the video on YouTube

And, yes, I will still be writing Americana, Country, etc, but I'm currently having a great time writing songs like these.

All but the first of these was written under a grant from the New York State Council on the Arts, administered by the Adirondack Center for the Arts at Blue Mountain Lake, NY,

All except "On The Other Side Of The World" c. Carl Rubino/Beeshoo Boy Publishing. "On The Other Side Of The World" c. Carl Rubino and Maria Maya Borges.

"Cruzin' On A Jet Plane"                 by Carl Rubino

Parody song about Ted Cruz cruzin' off to the beach in Mexico while Texas freezes. by Carl Rubino, to the tune of "Leaving' On A Jet Plane" (by John Denver). This is my first parody song, but it came pretty easily...Ted Cruz gave me a lot to work with!!!

PLEASE SHARE...I'd like to see if I can get this to go viral....I think people would really appreciate it...

Here's the recording of my March 25th, 2021 "Live From A Distance" weekly livestream broadcast at

Did a mixure of mostly new songs and one older one, none of which have been recorded. 

My Livestreams are pretty informal. Kind of like I dropped over to your house with my guitar and we sat around in your living room or your backyard and I played some songs and we talked a little bit. Here’s kind of what the “feel“ is like. 

I play my own originals talk about what caused me to write them and sometimes the process by which they were written. Once in a while I do a cover 

If you like you can comment or ask a question during the live stream and I try to respond to it 

Hope to see you at my next livestream...Carl

Here's the recording of my March 18th, 2021 "Live From A Distance" weekly livestream broadcast. Streaming live weekly on Carl Rubino - Songwriter & Performing Singer/Songwriter at on Thursdays at 7 pm eastern. 

Did a mixure of older songs from my CD and some new ones .  And I ended the stream with a brand new song titled "Turn This Heart Around", which I co-wrote last week with a songwriter named Cindy Davis from Arizona. It was our first co-write together, but I don't think it will be our last. We did it by sending emails and audio clips back and forth, and talking on the phone. I loved the process. 

My Livestreams are pretty informal. Kind of like I dropped over to your house with my guitar and we sat around in your living room or your backyard and I played some songs and we talked a little bit. Here’s kind of what the “feel“ is like. Tune in on Thursdays at 7 PM Eastern on Carl Rubino - Songwriter & Performing Singer/Songwriter to catch them live. Or you can drop by that page anytime after the broadcast and catch the recording of it which I post right after the live broadcast 

I play my own originals talk about what caused me to write them and sometimes the process by which they were written. Once in a while I do a cover 

If you like you can comment or ask a question during the live stream and I try to respond to it 

Hope to see you there...Carl 

I like to think of my livestreaming as a virtual live performance, something like a mini-house concert or busking on the street. And, if you like what you've heard on my stream and would like to toss someting into the tip jar or open guitar case, here's the virtual equivalent. (just click on send and fill in the blanks). But no pressure..Really, you're more than welcome to catch my streams evey week, absolutely free.

Contribute, if you like, to my livestreams or on my upcoming "mini-concert" live and on demand performance videos. Your support of my music where and when you want it is appreciated, but is optional....Thanks...Carl

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