Would You Like To Have Me Play At Your House For You And Your Guests, With No Fee? Really? Yup...

I'm working on planning a series of House Concerts for 2020.  I'll perform in someone’s house, camp or other location  to guests they  invite, with an opportunity for them to hang out with me before and after, all with no fee to you and a simple request at the end for guests to make a contribution to me in whatever amount they feel is appropriate…

It's like seeing a performer who you really like in a small intimate venue, and being able to hang out with them before and after the show to get to know them and learn about them and their music in a way you can't at any other type of performance or by listening to their songs on line or on a cd.

Think you might want to have one? Read more at /house-concerts   

If you’d like to explore this more, drop me an email at mailto:carlrubinomusic@gmail.com with “House Concert” in the subject and I’ll send you the additional information about what house concerts are and how you can have one.

Thanks for thinking of it….Carl