From the recording I Remember You There

Live at The Strand Theatre, Hudson Falls, NY, August 18, 2022; Song written by Carl Rubino
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I Remember You There
(words and music by Carl Rubino)

I remember you in every place we ever went
When I walk by one it’s like you were heaven sent
I stare at your shadow, it stares back at me
And I remember you, there

In the night when I wake up in a cold sweat all alone
Rain pounding on the window glass where we once made our home
The bed’s empty on your side
Where I remember you - there

Bridge 1
I held your hand as you slipped away
I remember you on that final fateful day
I remember your cold, blank stare
Like you were lookin’ out, tryin’ to look back in

Lyin’ under white sheets in a cold hospital bed
You said you’d be my angel if you couldn’t be there instead
In the space left behind where my heart used to live
I remember you, yeah I remember you - there

Bridge 2
When the tears stream down my face
I can almost feel your warm embrace
I can almost feel you, yeah
And I remember you - there


It almost seems like we can still share our sweet times
And in the darkest of my moments for the rest of my life
I’ll always remember when I was yours and you were mine
And I’ll remember you – Yea I’ll remember you there

Yeah, I’ll remember you…I’ll remember you…
Remember you…there

c. 2020 Carl Rubino – BMI/Beeshoo Boy Publishing - BMI 518 524 8450 (cell)