Something New - CoWriting Songs WIth Other Songwriters From All Over The Country

Over the last year or so, I've been writing songs from time to time in collaboration with other songwriters, from all over the country, using Zoom for virtual co-writing sessions, as well as emailing lyrics and sound files.  

We'd start in any number of different ways.  Sometimes with a song idea, or a title or partially written lyrics.  Sometimes with some fairly well developed lyrics.  I've worked with someone from Arizona,  a couple of songwriters from California (one of whom is VERY well known [more in a later post when the song is released]), one in the Albany area, with projects planned with people in NYC and Nashville, 

Collaboration is an incredibly rewarding, and challenging process, where the end is greater than the sum of its parts; where the creative input from one person stimulates and propels that of the other.

The songs we've created in our co-wriing sessions have been Contemporary folk - Americana - country -and something I'm calling Folk/Jazz. 

Check out a couple of them on my "Music" page: "On The Other Side Of The World" (which I co-wrote remotely with Maria Borges of California) and "How Does That Sound" (which I co-wrote with Dan Navarro [who co-wrote Pat Benatar's hit "We Belong"]).

A few months ago I bought some pretty good digital audio workstation software, and spent some time getting familiar with how it works (no small task). In the next couple of months, I'll be working on record some songs and doing digital releases on streaming services and making downloads available.  I'll also be and doing some down-and-dirty in-studio and live performance videos. 

If you'd like to know when they are recorded and ready to hear, subscribe to my list on the bottom of this page  /home  and you'll hear as soon as the songs are released. 

Hope you like what's coming...Carl

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